Dryland & Evening Practices

Hey Stingrays,

As we come to the end of our first week of morning practices, I’ve had time to plan out the schedule for the rest of the season a bit more and I would like to share it with you.
I’ve decided to have the older kids in the 7:30am practice do dryland workouts in the first half of practice on Tuesday and Thursdays every week. This means that everyone joining the 7:30am practice needs to bring exercise clothing and proper sneakers to every Tuesday and Thursday practice. This does not apply to the later practices.
We will also have our weekly ‘fun’ day every Friday AM practice for all groups – most of the time this will be in the water fun but occasionally we will play outside too so I ask that ALL swimmers bring outside clothes and shoes to every Friday practice.
Lastly, here’s the plan for the 5-6pm evening practices. As I’ve said before, there is practice from 5-6pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. These are open to ALL age groups and will only target ONE specific thing each session. For example, this Tuesday was Turn Work, yesterday was distance per stroke work and this evening will be Starts. For those of you who have lots of other things on your plate, I’m planning on sending out the tentative plan for each session at the beginning of every week so that your swimmers can choose if they wish to attend or not, depending on if they feel they need work on a specific thing. I hope this will help with your weekly scheduling.
That’s all for now!