Helpful Meet information

Hi Everyone!

If this is your first swim meet, we wanted to give you all a little checklist of some of the things we

have found to be useful during the meets.

A highlighter, to highlight your child(s) events in the program to keep track when they race.

A black permanent marker, to write on your child’s arm the list of their events. Some children will not

understand this, but it helps the coaches and volunteers place them in the correct events, lanes, and

heats. The coaches cannot remember everyones heats, lanes, and events. (See below)

It is helpful to write your child’s events in this order on the inside of their arm:

Event Number – Heat – Lane – Stroke


6 – 1 – 5 – 25 FREE

11 – 1 – 2 – 25 BACK

(Etc. depending on their events)

25 – 2 – 6 – 100 FREE RELAY (25 free, #2)

(If it is a relay, it’s helpful to include what stroke they are doing AND what leg of the relay they

are doing)

Cash. You will need cash to purchase the programs that list all the events, as well as if you want to

purchase any concessions. It is your responsibility to find all the events, lanes, heats, etc for your child.

Snacks and drinks, preferably water and bar-type snacks. You don’t want to fill their bellies with foods

that will be either too heavy or too full of sugar.

Extra towels and/or a bathrobe (bathrobes are easier to absorb the wetness and slip on and off relatively

easy) to use in-between events. They will get cold and need to stay warm between events.

Simple shoes that can get wet like Chacos, flip flops, etc.

Plan to be at the meet about 20-30 minutes before the warm up.

Bring camp chairs to sit on, as some meets don’t have seating (except the home meet).

Ask any of us any questions that you might have, no matter how small it may seem!

What to expect:

Expect your child to do a warm up with the team and then they will come back and sit with you. They

will stay with you until their event occurs. Pay attention to the events in your program and the events

listed on the boards as they move along in the meet. About two-to-three events before your child’s event

you can walk/send them to the staging area. At the staging area the coach(es) will line the kids up and

help get them to the correct event, heat, and lanes. You can return to your seat and cheer them on! Expect

meets to be loud and many parents cheering for their teams and kids. You are allowed to cheer and are

encouraged to do so, but please keep it positive!