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Please be at the pool 15-20 minutes before war up times

  • Warm ups – We will warm up at Stingrays designated warm up times. This can be a little bit of a crazy time. We will loosen our muscles by swimming, practice our strokes, our starts and turns and finishes.
  • Events on Arm – Before the meet starts, we/you will write on your arm, your event #, event name, heat and lane. This will help you keep track of your events.
  • See your Coach – Please come and see your coach before every event and after every event. This is very important. It is hard to help you improve and have good swims if you don’t talk with your coach before and after every race.
  • To The Blocks – It is your responsibility to find your way to your block before every race. We will try to help you, especially at your first couple of meets.
  • Sit with Coaches – You are more than welcome to come and sit near your coaches during the meet. We enjoy this and this is a great opportunity to get to know your teammates. This might help you also keep track of your events. If you do sit with your parents, we cannot go and track you down for your events. Please come and see us before and after each race.
  • We don’t keep track of what place you come in – We know that it might be important to you what place you come in. We don’t care and don’t keep track of that. We care that you try your best, try something new, work on lowering your times, support and cheer on your team mates and HAVE FUN!!
  • Disqualification (DQed) – Swimming is a precise sport. The officials are strict and will disqualify you if you swim a stroke incorrectly. Being disqualified is a part of the sport. It is okay to be disqualified! Even the best swimmers in the world get disqualified – Ian Thorpe got DQed in the Olympic Trials! Let’s learn from our mistakes and try to correct them. It is better than you try and get DQed instead of not trying at all!
  • We need timers – Let your parents know that they can help and be a timer. Timers are always needed and no experience is required.
  • Respect your teammates and swimmers from other teams. Please always use good sportsmanship. No making fun of the slower swimmers, swimmers who get DQed or any other swimmers. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. We all start somewhere, and please remember to treat others as you would like to be treated!

What to Bring:

  • Suit, Goggles, and Swim Cap (if you wear one)
  • At least two towels – if not more! They get wet quickly as you get in and out of pool.
  • Sweat shirt and sweat pants– It gets cold getting in and out of the water even if it might be a hot place for your parents. Maybe even a hat or something warm for your feet if you get cold easily!
  • Water Bottle or Gatorade
  • Snack – like peanuts, crackers, bagels, string cheese, fruit – something healthy. You spend some time sitting around, and it is always good to have something to snack on – Something healthy!!
  • Sharpie Pen – for your parents to write your events on your hand.
  • Highlighter – if your parents like to follow the meet, they can bring a highlighter to highlight all your events in the program.
  • Chair for your Parents – there is never enough seating and this will guarantee your parents have a comfy place to sit.
  • Great Attitude