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Mission Statement

The Stingrays provide training and competitive swimming opportunities to the members of our community and advance the sport of swimming in the Gunnison area.  Our team promotes the values of commitment, determination, good sportsmanship, responsibility and teamwork.  Team members are challenged to reach their personal goals in an environment that builds skills, confidence, friendships and physical fitness.

Organizational Structure and Personnel

USA Swimming is the national governing body for competitive swimming.  The Gunnison Stingrays are part of the Western Slope League, which is part of Colorado Swimming, Inc.  CSI is the USA Swimming governing body for Colorado.  All meets and practices are conducted in accordance with USA Swimming rules with USA Swimming/CSI certified officials.  Coaches are required to meet USA Swimming/Colorado Swimming, Inc. qualification standards to be certified.  All members of the Gunnison Stingrays Swim Team must enroll in Colorado Swimming, Inc.  The CSI registration is separate from the team registration.  CSI maintains an online database of all Colorado meet results, and a comprehensive history of individual times for each swimmer.  CSI also provides insurance, which is required for any swimmer to participate as a member of the Gunnison Stingrays Swim Team.  The Gunnison Stingrays Swim Team is organized as a Colorado nonprofit corporation.  A volunteer Parent Advisory Board governs the team.

Fees and Fee Policies

  • This year we will strictly enforce our fee policy.  Fees must be paid at the time of registration, or via the payment plan set forth on the club website,  There will be NO exceptions.  Fees are nonrefundable.
  • Meet entry fees must be paid by the meet deadline.  Swimmers will not be registered for a meet unless the fees are paid in advance.  Fees can be paid on the club website.
  • Any swimmers with outstanding fees from the past season will not be accepted until delinquent and current payments are made.
  • Registration fees do not include fees for swim meets, nor costs for equipment such as team suits, goggles, caps, warm-up clothes or towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What kind of team is the Gunnison Stingrays?  And who can join?

The Gunnison Stingrays Swim Team is a competitive swim program.  Swimmers of all ages and abilities travel and compete against other athletes in a team setting.  The learning environment allows swimmers to learn and practice strokes under a coach’s supervision, promoting self-discipline, goal setting, sportsmanship, and personal growth.  A competitive swimming program is generally not designed to teach someone how to swim.  The Gunnison Stingrays Swim Team is a competitive swim team, but we also provide opportunities for the development of newer swimmers.

Swimmers practice and train in order to compete at swim meets.  Coaches expect that swimmers will improve throughout the season.  Beginners will work toward the goal of qualifying for swim meets; more advanced swimmers will seek to improve their strokes and distances.

In order to join the team, each swimmer must be able to swim the length of the pool, without stopping, and without the use of flippers.  Any combination of strokes is allowable.

2. What kind of equipment is needed to be on the swim team?

The team makes a bulk order of team suits at the beginning of the year.  Team suits are optional.  The cost of this suit and other personal equipment is not included in the registration fees.  Suit sizing will take place during practice early in the season.  Dates and times will be posted on the team information board and team website.  Team caps will be sold at the pool and on the team website.  Coaches strongly encourage the kids to wear the team caps at meets to promote team unity and so that the swimmers are easily identified.  Goggles are also a good idea and can be purchased at the pool.

3. Do team members have to compete at swim meets?

It is not required that team members compete in every competition, but swimmers are encouraged to compete in as many meets as possible.  Swimmers are required to swim in a minimum of two meets during the season.  While the team is meant to be fun and provide good exercise, it is not fair to those swimmers who are there to practice for competition to have swim time, lane space, and coaches’ attention taken up by swimmers who are only there for fun.  There are various stroke clinics available to kids that do not wish to swim in meets or competitively.

Swimmers are not required to participate in every possible race at a swim meet.  Most meets last from 1-3 days over a weekend.  You do not have to attend every day of a meet.  Depending on your preferences, you can enter events that are all scheduled on the same day.  Typically, each swimmer and their parents decide which races to swim, factoring in coaching recommendations, personal preferences, and race scheduling during the meet.  For each meet there is also a limit on how many races an athlete can swim each day, typically three or four.

The Gunnison Stingrays will make every effort to have the information for each meet posted on the team website, including registration deadlines, meet fees, and specific meet instructions.  Meet registration fees must be paid at the time of registration and in all cases, prior to the actual meet.  You may elect to make a “meet fees” upfront payment, from which meet fees can be deducted throughout the season.  For example, you can write a check for $100 for the meet fees, and we can deduct from your account until it needs to be replenished.

For out of town meets, if your child wants to attend, but your work or other schedule conflicts, it may be possible for another family to take your child.  Just ask!!

4. When are swim meets held?

Meets are held nearly every weekend beginning in late May.  See the meet schedule on the team’s website and/or the information board at the pool.  There is also a lot of information on swimming meets, results, etc…on and

On some weekends, two swim meets are scheduled.  In this case, the coaches and the board will decide which meet the team will attend.  Some weekends the team may split and go to two different meets, sending one coach to each.

5. What do swim meets cost?

All swim meets require separate entry fees for each swimmer.  These fees are not included in the team registration fees.  Entry fees for the meets are required to pay for the exclusive use of the pool or recreation center for 2-3 days, fees to CSI and Western Slope League for sanctioning the meet, official stipends, and other meet expenses incurred by the hosting team.  Entry fees are typically $5-$7 for the pool usage fee, and an additional $3-$5 for each race that a swimmer enters.  Typical costs are about $30-$40 per child for each meet.  Payment of entry fees is required before a swimmer can be registered for a meet event.

For out of town meets, there are also individual travel expenses in addition to meet entry fees.  There are several alternatives for overnight lodging at each swim meet.  Most pools on our schedule have camping facilities within walking distance of the pool, in addition to the usual assortment of motels and restaurants.  Everyone develops his or her own preference.

6. What kind of events do the swimmers compete in?

Nearly all meets and events that the swimmers compete in are structures as “Age Group” categories.  This means that swimmers compete in age brackets and male/female categories, e.g. 8 & Under Girls, 9-10 Boys, 11-12 Girls, 15 & Over Boys, etc.  There are also many stroke and distance combinations in each age group, such as 50-yard Butterfly, 100-yard Backstroke, 200-yard Freestyle, etc.  Not every distance is available for every age group.  In general, shorter distances are for younger swimmers.

7. How are relay teams decided?

The coaches select the relay teams from among those swimmers registered for a specific swim meet.  This selection often happens at the very last minute, so be sure to check with coaches or the Registrar to see if your child will be swimming in a relay.  Often the relay happens in a session that is different from your child’s first session, but the coach never puts your child in a relay on a day you wouldn’t otherwise be at the meet.  If you sign your child up for a meet and you decide at the last minute not to attend, please advise the coaches right away.  A relay team may be depending on your child’s attendance and modifications will need to be made.

The team absorbs the costs of relay fees.  Often swimmers of widely varying ages and abilities may be on the same relay team.

8. How do we enter a swim meet?

The team has a Registrar who officially enters the meet under CSI standards.  The registration deadline for a meet is usually two weeks prior to a meet.  The sign up sheet and meet information is displayed on the team bulletin board as soon as the team receives the information.  The meet information will also be available on the team’s website.  You will be charged for events you enter, even if you don’t go to the meet or if you scratch from the event.  An experienced swim parent is a great source of help when filling out your first sign up sheet.  If you are unsure about which events to enter, ask the coaches for a recommendation.  Each swim meet has a registration deadline, which will also be posted with the meet information.  Entry fees must be paid by the meet entry deadline.  Check out the website for helpful tips on what to expect at the meets,

9. Are there any championship meets?

The Stingrays encourage any swimmer who qualifies for a championship meet to attend the meet.  Swimming a qualifying time during a current regular season meet makes a swimmer eligible to participate in the end of season championship meets.

The qualifying times for 2009 will be posted on the team information board, and are also available at  The first championship meet is the Western Slope League Championships (WSL).  This meet is held after the last meet of the regular season, and is hosted at various locations on the Western Slope.  Only swimmers with a WSL time are allowed to enter the meet.  Other championship meets are JO’s (Junior Olympics), which is a State Championship for the best swimmers in the state from both year-round and seasonal teams, and the Summer Club (Scottie Aschermann Memorial) Championships for seasonal teams only.  Each year a number of Gunnison swimmers go to the Western Slope and Summer Club Championships, and a few go to JOs.

10. What do “LCM,” “SCM” and “SCY” mean after my child’s times for each event?

Our schedule has us swimming in pools of different lengths.  USA Swimming/CSI has a method to standardize times for different pool lengths.  The pool lengths you will see in our meets are:

·       LCM-Long Course Meters-50 Meters (e.g. Grand Junction Dolphin Meet)

·       SCM-Short Course Meters-25 Meters (e.g. Grand Valley Wave Meet)

·       SCY-Short Course Yards-25 Yards (e.g., Delta Rec. Center Pool)

For example, if your child’s best time for an event was at the Delta Short Course Yards pool, a conversion to Meters may be done to SCM equivalent time to seed him/her in that meet.  That is why you might see a different time next to your child’s name on the different meet heat sheets, if time conversions for meters vs. yards has been made.

11. Who are the officials at the swim meets?

Officials are volunteers, usually swim parents, who have taken the necessary tests and trained to become certified as a swim official.  Anyone interest in officiating is encouraged to become certified.  Officials are a necessary part of a swim meet.  Without enough officials, a swim meet cannot be certified, so results cannot be used in determining eligibility for championship meets.

12. Do parents have to work at swim meets?

Teams are expected to provide help at swim meets.  It takes many people to hold a meet, and the typical host team does not have enough people to do it by themselves, so volunteers from visiting teams are necessary.  Usually volunteering as a lane timer is all that is required.  However, at championship meets teams are assigned duties, such as specific sessions for lane timers, event board updating, clean-up, hospitality, etc.  Please ask if there is anything you can do to help out at a swim meet.

13. Do parents have to do any other work for the team?

The team operates because of the parents.  It takes everyone doing something to make the team and the swimmers successful.  The team relies on its parents and swimmers for support.  There are many tasks that must be done to make the team function, such as swimmer registration, meet entry registration, fundraising, event planning, etc.  The board and all swim team positions, excluding coaches, are volunteer parents.  There are many tasks and EVERYONE’S HELP IS NEEDED AND APPRECIATED.

The swim program cannot exist without volunteers.  As you become more familiar with the swim team, opportunities to volunteer will become apparent.  We invite you to participate in the volunteer work needed to run the swim team to whatever degree your time, schedule and interest permit.  We do ask each parent to volunteer during our home swim meet.  As the host team, we are in charge of running the meet.  Therefore, we will have to set up the pool before the meet, do basic clean up after the meet, and provide all the staffing needs during the meet (head timer, timers, announcer, hospitality suite, consignment table, data entry, runners, safety, etc.).  Our meet director prepares an assignment sheet several weeks before our meet, so please be looking for this.  In addition, at our home meet we must provide food in the hospitality suite for the officials, coaches, timers, and other meet staff.  For this purpose, we request each family to provide a supply of snack foods.  The meet director also will be preparing a list of needed items.  The home meet is a major event that requires the help of all parents.  

If you have questions on any swim team topic or issue, please do not hesitate to ask any of the club officers, veteran parents or coaches!

See you at the pool!